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[fanfic] [thundercats 2011] what was precious

Lion-o/Tygra, post "Native's Son"

Tygra resents him, loves him, would die for him.

Lion-o tries to understand, but memories get in the way.

Lion-o is precious to Tygra. Lion-o doesn't know, can't really know, that the light of his mother's eyes rests on him, that when he moves, he moves with grace, not force. Sometimes, Tygra sees her clearly, outlined in Lion-o.

The mother he loved. The mother Lion-o never knew.

It was tragic, how much they took from each other and how little they had left. They would have still taken from each other, until there was nothing left but bare bones and skin.

Someday, Lion-o will believe he deserves to be king.

It'll never be enough until Tygra believes it.

What did he have left? What he had, he tried to earn, and it was thrown back in his face for the price of his father's death. Even his own brother won't even look at him and every action, every fault comes back to glare in his heart.

Still, he had to say it.

"You're not going to lose me, brother."

Because I'm not precious to you.

Tygra smiled anyway.

Tygra lost his family. As always, Lion-o remains.

He doesn't know if he should hate him for that or love him for living.
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