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[fanfic] [avengers/wanted] Rooftops


"You're a dick, you know that?"

Clint blinked owlishly at him. It's dark, even for Wesley, but Clint has never had a problem zeroing on him, and Wesley thought that could be a superpower too, even if Clint wouldn't call it one. Hawkeye. It's a weird name, weird connotations, kind of corny, but he clung to it fervently, as if the name had meaning beyond everything else, even his own name.

Wesley wouldn't mind changing his name to Peanuts Galore, but he doesn't and he doesn't ask either.

"How am I a dick exactly?"

And Clint was just weird. If it was anyone else, spending hours and hours, day after day on different rooftops, they would be the prissiest assholes in the world. Clint, however, loved it. Revelled in it. Wesley doesn't know what he sees out there, but whatever Clint does see, soothes him. It's another thing Wesley doesn't bother asking about. He doesn't bother with a lot of things with Clint.

"You keep changing locations."

"Bitch, bitch," Clint's voice was low and warm, carrying itself smoothly over. Wesley could at least see why he was a spy to begin with.

"Seriously, stop it. You're an ass to find," Wesley sniped back, but there was no vitriol behind it anymore (was that clint or him or clint and him? either way, it made sense, as much as anything makes sense inside wesley's head, but clint makes sense even when he doesn't)

"Don't pin it on me just 'cause you want to do rooftop searching," said Clint, amused.

"Now who's the bitch?" Wesley said, passing the bottle over. They sat there, legs crossed, too close or not close enough, Wesley doesn't think about it, it's nice not to think and Clint, Clint doesn't care, never complains, just watches everything with a squint in his eye that makes the world beautiful.

"Seriously, why do you come up here?" Clint asked suddenly.

Wesley shrugged, "Dunno. Maybe I like what I see too."

Clint's face cracked open and it's like watching the sun break the sky apart, violent and bright, but oh so exhilarating, and Wesley doesn't care about it either, but at least it makes sense this time around.
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