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[fanfic] [Avengers/Star Trek] [EC] Just One Kiss

Loki/Spock/Kirk, Post EC/WS

The way Spock saw it, the Captain's mood had, once again, latched onto something he cannot have, therefore in order to defeat all odds, he was confident of his success. (Spock wished he showed such initiative during their chess matches)

The way Loki saw it, the Captain was being a nuisance and the best way to deal with nuisances is to kill them and be done with it.

The way Jim saw it, Loki was hot.

"Can't you make him stop?" Loki groused, resting his head on Spock's shoulder.

"Did you not ask him to stop yourself?" Spock said, raising an eyebrow at him and stroking his hair.

"I did," Loki snapped, "He said 'Come closer, I didn't catch that'. As if such juvenile tricks would fool me."

Spock didn't point out that Loki only caught on when the Captain pursed his lips and made kissing noises at him, leaving Loki thoroughly disgusted.

"Why is he even doing this?" Loki asked finally, quiet and confused.

Spock kissed him out of his confusion, and considered his theories. Though it would be better to get confirmation for himself.

"Why?" Kirk blinked, "Why what?"

Spock sighed, as he moved a pawn, "Why are you hounding Loki with this ridiculous quest?"

"Oh, that," Kirk handwaved, not even noticed that he was in checkmate, "It's because he makes funny faces."

"Is that all?" Spock questioned. (though the reason did make sense. Loki's expressions were amusing.)

Kirk considered this, looking up as he leaned his chair back, "Do you know what he looks like when I ask him?"

Spock knew, but he kept quiet.

"He doesn't believe it. How can he not believe it?" Kirk pulled his chair back to meet Spock's expression head on, "It's not right."

No, it's not, Spock thought to himself as he returned to his chambers, where Loki was sleeping (Loki's sleep patterns were erratic, never fully coming terms to his time as a mortal and his time as a God). He curled his arms around him as Loki shifted to face him with a smile. How long had it taken Loki to realize he could be liked?

Too long, Spock felt, as he tightened his arms briefly.



"No." Loki spun around, blazing, "Why are you telling me this?"

Spock paused, unsure how to word it, "He is not asking much."

"I do not want to kiss him!"

"But he wants you."

Loki frowned, "This is simply the captain trying to aim for something unattainable. Remember the time he bedded that Ambassador? Or the time he beamed down without word? Or--"

"While I am well aware of the captain's provoclivity to attempt for things that are not his purview or as he says 'out of his league', his desire is genuine."

"You think he desires me," Loki's voice was flat, unyielding.


"I believe that. And I believe it is mutual," Spock said, lightly touching his cheek, "And you have always accused me of taking his side."

"I am not kissing him."

"Even if he likes you?"

Loki inhales sharply, "I--,"

"Consider it," Spock said, "I am not asking for myself, but for you."

Loki is quiet for the rest of the day.

Later that day, Captain Kirk was in a very good mood.

Also later that day, Loki told Spock, "It never happened," but there was an inkling of a smile on his face.

And later that day, Spock made plans and told no one.
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