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[fanfic] [Avengers/Star Trek] [EC] The Captain's Chair

According to Spock’s calculations, Loki was supposed to reappear after two years, maybe even three. Listening to his dispassionate theories on the subject (and feeling his own stomach lurch with it) had lowered his hopes significantly. Even if he still told Spock, “Look he’s a God. He could walk in any minute.”

All he ever got for his trouble was an exasperated eyebrow that clearly said, ‘Really, Captain?’ but it was still better than the blank look he had when he looked at the stars. It didn’t help that there were times when Jim would turn around, expecting to hear Loki’s sharp clear laughter, his arm snug around him. For an unwanted guy, Jim mused, he was good at making others feel wanted.

Spock and Jim shared a bed, reaching out for each other, but the empty space was still noticeable.

Considering all of that, Jim was quite correct in assuming that this would go on for a while. He didn’t like it, but there was nothing he could do, besides putting on a pointy hat and telling everyone they’re adopted (then someone burst into tears and it became less funny).

So when they hit their five month mark and Spock’s looking more droll than usual. Jim, however, had actual captainy work to do so he clapped Spock on the shoulder to make his way to the Captain’s chair. He sat down, tapping on the console to relay his order when---

“Why, Captain, how bold,” a voice purred near his ear.

He would have jumped, if there weren’t two hands keeping him there, two very very very familiar hands.

“Loki?!” He yelped anyway.

“In the flesh. For once,” Loki pressed a discreet kiss to his neck and god five months was too long already. Then he was letting go, which means Jim got to get up and looked like he was in control (he wasn’t, but at least he had a good game face).

Spock had a better one, but it wasn’t doing much for him. Loki paid no attention to them, facing the crew with a dramatic sweep of his head, “Greetings, the U.S.S Enterprise. I am Loki, dignitary of the Asguardian race. I will be residing here in order to better my understanding of mortal culture--,” Jim snorted, “—and perform any service that the Enterprise may require of me.” And wow if that wasn’t a telling grin, Jim didn’t know what was. He also had to throw a querulous look at the crew. Sulu and Chekov pouted. Uhuru looked like she wanted to braid his hair and cuddle him at night. All in all, the normal Loki reaction.

What wasn’t the normal Loki reaction was Spock getting up and grabbing him into a furious kiss. Loki’s eyebrows went up before he went smug with satisfaction, curling his hands around Spock’s neck, a vice-like grip that would have bothered anyone else, but not them. Never them. Jim couldn’t help it, he started grinning.

He got to tell Spock, “I told you so,” at last.
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