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[fanfic] [Avengers/Star Trek] [EC] Bargains

“How can I know that—,”
“You can trust me?” interrupted the Dragon. “You are a human being and you talk of trust. I am a Dragon who knows more of the human heart than you. Our bargain is our bargain, and by ancient oaths I must honour it. I will tell you something Jack Snap: trust only those you love, and for the rest, make bargains. You cannot trust the world, but you can bargain with it. Hear me, Jack: trust only those you love.”
“What do you know of love?” said Jack, who felt the Dragon asking the question.
“A great deal,” said the Dragon, “but it was a long time ago, when love and trust grew into the world as easily as trees and flowers. Now, it is otherwise.”

--“The Battle of the Sun” By Jeanette Winterson

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